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Standard Aluminum Push-Button Crutches feature a double extruded center tube that provides load-bearing strength where it's needed the most.
The special footpiece utilizes durable rivets to secure the aluminum tubing from the inside, providing more stability than plastic connectors.
I-beam center post limits footpiece rotation to a 1.4 turn, always keeping the push-button in view and facilitating easy adjustment.
Long, virtually unbreakable stair deflector helps protect against the crutch slipping on stairs and helps increase stress tolerance at all angles without cracking; non-skid rubber tips provide good traction.
Built-in metal ring helps prevent excessive wear and ensures maximum durability.
Crutches come packaged completely accessorized with no assembly required.
Packaging / 1 / Case
Manuf / Supplier Medline
Manuf / Supplier # MDSV80534

Standard Aluminum Crutches ( ADULT, TALL, LF, 300LB)

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