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Divine Medical Equipment Supplies.

How do i keep safe at home.

Some times living alone could be challenging due to health condition, and moving around the house is difficult. Staying safe in and out of the bathroom is important, especially with limited vision, joint pain, muscle weakness and other physical problems. The use of the following will be needed.

1, Proper lighting from the bedroom to the bathroom.

2, Non- slippery house shoes

3, Install grab bars - Need grab bars that will carry your weight where necessary in the bathroom for better balance and stability.

4, Always use bath bench when washing.

Grab bar

Bathroom safety.

Bath bench

Bathroom safety

Toilet Rail

Toilet safety rail

What can i do to make my toilet safer.

Regular toilet is a problem for a lot of people mostly seniors, arthritis, hip, knee and back problem patients. The toilet seat is always too low to the ground making it difficult to sit and stand and increasing the chance of falling. What you need to make this safe are:

1, Toilet seat Rail

2, Raised toilet seat

3, Bed side Commode.


Toilet safety

Toilet Rail

Toilet safety

Raised Toilet

Toilet safety

What do I need in my bath tub or shower

Here are things you need to make bath tub and shower safe to use.

  1. Attach an angle bar to the wall to assist in standing and bending
  2. Put a non slippery mat in your shower or bath tub floor
  3. Use shower curtain to keep water in the bath tub and shower.

Mobility Improvement

Mobility aid like canes, walkers or rollators can help people with walking or standing difficulty. Weak muscles or leg injury, falling history or loss of balance in the past.

How do I choose?

Contact your physician first for advice on your health issues. Then come to us at Divine Medical Equipment and Supply, we know the type that best work for you.

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