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These are the perfect bedpads! They have three layers of protection: 1. A 100% waterproof vinyl backed polyester backing that does not allow the moisture to go in and stain. 2. A poly/rayon super absorbent soaker layer that will absorb and enclose fluids and 3. A quilted cotton blend dry-touch top layer that filters the liquid and moisture into the pad therefore promoting skin protection and skin wellness. It brings added protection at the center. It is made a great quality materials that are machine washable and dryer safe.

Size and Style

Size 24" x 34" Capacity Absorbs 1200 cc

Size 34" x 36" Capacity Absorbs 1800 cc

Size 34" x 36" Capacity Absorbs 1800 cc Style With 18" Flaps

Size 34" x 52" Capacity Absorbs 2200 cc

Size 44" x 52" Capacity Absorbs 3300 cc Style Bariatric

Invacare Extra Reusable Bedpads

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