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Designed to avoid soiling of the commode pail, the CareBag® hygienic Commode Liner contains a super absorbent pad which turns urine and semi liquid materials into a gel within seconds, minimizing exposure for both user and care giver. Ideal for use in home care, as well as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes for safe and convenient collection, transport and disposal of body fluids. Benefits: Protects all types of commode chair pails - Quickly absorbs body fluids and semi-solid materials - Single-use, prevents cross-contamination - Reduces and confines odors when completely closed - Time saving for care givers - No more hand cleaning of the pail - Contributes to the dignity of the patient
Packaging 20 Each / box
Manuf / Supplier Cleanis Inc
Manuf / Supplier # 7831738

3CareBag hygienic Commode Liner by Cleanis

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